Manufactured homeWhy Factory Built

Benefits of Factory Built Housing

Cost Savings and Price

Factory construction offers many opportunities for economizing and increasing efficiency thereby passing the savings on to the home buyer. Another benefit can be found in the firm pricing. With factory-built homes everything is typically included in the price “up front”, so there are never any costly surprises down the road.

Time Savings

Site built homes typically take 4-6 months from ground breaking. Custom Factory built homes can be completed in 1 to 2 months, and as quickly as 1 to 2 weeks if purchased from a retailer’s lot. Factory-built homes arrive on site as a completed home.

Quality-Controlled Construction Environment

An SRI factory-built home is not subjected to the elements such as rain or snow during the construction process. All homes are built according to a detailed procedure manual. Furthermore every SRI home is built with strict on-site quality control. Each house is built under the direction of our team of production engineers, supervisors, a quality auditor and an Intertek Quality Control Inspector. Our full-time construction personnel are fully-trained, experienced and dedicated. Also, factory-built homes are all dielectrically tested and the plumbing system is pressurised and tested at 100 psi for 2 hours before delivery or labeling.

Home Owner’s Insurance

SRI buys your first year’s home insurance (Some conditions apply. Where permitted by law).

Environmentally Conscious

Factory-built homes typically have much less material waste during construction. Building materials leftover from one home can often be used in another. Also, factory built construction allows for a tighter, more energy-efficient structure. One reason is that an SRI factory-built home typically has more insulation than a site built home.
Green Construction