Gibraltar Building Systems is a sister company that has solutions to your next construction project.  Gibraltar has built numerous projects that include three story apartments, ski chalets, skid camps, senior complexes and 4-plexes.  Gibraltar uses innovative modular construction techniques to produce structures that save time, money and hassles.

Hotel Projects

Multi-Family Homes

Camp Housing

Senior Complex

Temporary Offices

Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family Buildings

Save Time and Money with Modular Building Techniques

Prolonged traditional construction schedules not only expose you to weather risks and other acts of God, they also leave you at the mercy of market swings or customer fall-out. By reducing the time of your project, modular construction minimizes your financial risk.  With modular construction, your modular manufacturer becomes your largest subcontractor – significantly reducing the number of subcontractors you need to source, negotiate with and later, oversee on-site.

A Green Way To Build

The Modular Construction process gets the “Green Thumbs Up” with the use of recycled materials, waste reduction and tighter building envelopes during construction.  During this tightly controlled manufactured process, Gibraltar creates tighter structures with less air infiltration, resulting in more energy efficient structures as compared to traditional on-site methods.

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